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  • Weddings

    Congratulations on your engagement! Planning your wedding is a very exciting time but it can be daunting. There are so many details to organize, and the ceremony is just one of them. Often, couples don't know where to begin in planning their ceremony, and that is where I come in. Read More
  • Naming Ceremonies

    Welcoming a child into your lives is a memorable and incredibly special experience. Naming ceremonies are a beautiful alternative to a religious ceremony, for families who want to celebrate the beginning of their child's life and welcome them into the world. Read More
  • Renewal of Vows

    The Renewal of Vows or Re-Affirmation Ceremony is a way of reflecting on the journey that a couple has taken in their relationship, and renewing their commitment to each other. It can be a small intimate gathering of family and friends or a lavish celebration of a milestone anniversary, formal or casual, serious or light-hearted. Read More
  • Commitment Ceremonies

    A Commitment Ceremony is very similar to a wedding ceremony but is not legally binding. It is a way to make a public affirmation of your love and commitment to each other. Read More
  • Funerals

    When someone who has shared part of our life dies, we experience one of the strongest human emotions, grief. Grief is the natural response to bereavement, but the emotions we feel can leave us devastated and confused. Read More
  • Pet Memorials

    Our pets play such an important role in our lives and are often regarded as a member of the family. They offer companionship, unconditional love and help ease stress and other ailments. When a beloved pet dies, grief can be quite intense and the hole they leave behind can often take years for us to overcome. Read More
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Felt Like a Friend

What can we say? We were so happy with everything on our wedding day. It really felt like we had a friend as a celebrant.

Thank you for everything! xxx

Laura and Steve - McLaren Vale Visitor Centre 18/4/15

Above and Beyond

We chose Michaela because she was only celebrant we had met up with who was happy and willing to accommodate our 2 children in the process of our wedding. 
She made everything so relaxed and helped keep me stress free.  Best thing a bride could have!
Michaela, no words can describe how appreciative we were for your service.  You were everything and beyond what we expected from our celebrant, and legendary for having tissues at the ready when I got teary!  
We had compliments all around on how friendly and relaxed you were with everyone, especially how accommodating you were with the kids.  So thank you again for being everything we needed that day! You were incredible.
Sarah and Ryan - Majestic Roof Top Hotel 23/11/14