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Renewal of Vows

A Vow Renewal or Re-Affirmation Ceremony is a way of reflecting on the journey that a couple has taken in their relationship, and renewing their commitment to each other. Perhaps you are coming up to a milestone anniversary. Or it could be that you chose a simple private ceremony for your wedding day, and now want to celebrate in grander style with all of your family and friends. Some celebrity couples have undertaken vow renewals every single year on their anniversary with increasingly elaborate celebrations (Mariah Carey springs to mind)...well, if you can afford it, why not?

Whatever your motivation for renewing your vows, it's a wonderful way to remind ourselves and our partners of all the reasons we love them. 

Many of the elements that make up a wedding ceremony can be incorporated into a re-affirmation ceremony. Some couples choose to recite their original vows, others re-write their vows to reflect how their relationship has grown. It can also be an opportunity to state hopes and plans for the future. It can be a small intimate gathering of family and friends or a lavish celebration, formal or casual, serious or light-hearted, and the ceremony can include special rituals or symbols and involve other members of the family, especially children.

Using my experience, resources and knowledge, I will help you create the perfect ceremony to celebrate your love story.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting to see how I can help you plan a day that will remain in your memories.

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