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Preparing for your Wedding Dance

Michelle and Ben Wedding DanceIf I was to give one piece of advice to wedding couples about their wedding dance it would be to prepare well in advance. So many couples leave dance lessons until a week or two before the wedding, not realizing how much is involved in learning to dance together.

 Wedding dance


And I’m not just talking about elaborate you-tube-inspired routines involving the bride and groom, bridal party, parents and/or the family dog. Even a “simple” waltz, foxtrot or rumba can take many lessons for both people to feel confident and comfortable, so that the dance becomes fun rather than something to dread.

Because let’s face it – your first dance as husband and wife should be fun. It is a chance to unwind after the formalities of the ceremony, and may possibly be the first chance you both have to chat about the day so far. So the last thing you want is to spend the day worrying about your dance, or whether you will remember the steps.

So…where do you start?

First, pick a song. Some may tell you to choose a dance style and then find a song that suits it, but there are flaws with that method. (It’s hard to find a modern romantic tango song!) Plus, you will be listening to whatever song you choose over and over again while practicing your dance so if you don’t have an emotional connection to it, you may get sick of it.

However, if you choose a song you both love (perhaps it’s “Your Song”) your dance teacher should be able to suggest a dance style to suit it, and you will forever remember your special day whenever you hear the song.

Next, take your music to a good dance studio. (It is a good idea to have a copy of the song on both CD and MP3). Most teachers will recommend private lessons to give you the quickest and best results but consider also taking beginner classes to try different dance styles.

Thirdly, enjoy yourselves. Think of the dance lessons as a way of relieving stress in the lead-up to your big day, while spending a bit of time together (which can be rare when organising a wedding).


Finally, when the moment actually arrives to take to the dance floor, relax. If you enjoy your dance, your guests will too. This is their chance to see the happy couple gaze into each other’s eyes, smiling and in love.

So, grooms, if at the crucial moment you forget everything you have been taught, give your new bride a twirl, dip her and give her a big kiss. The crowd will go wild!

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